Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Many Colored Days!

On my grey days
I feel bored
Like an owl
Waiting in his tree
For a mouse that never comes.

On my red days
I feel angry
Like an ocean
On a stormy day.

On my white days
I feel tired
Like a blank paper
On a desk.

On my purple days
I feel carefree
Like a bubble
Carelessly through the air.

On my sky blue days
I feel full of life
Like a flower
That just bloomed
In a meadow by a creek.

On my black days
I feel sad
Like a bicycle
That hasn’t been ridden
In years.

On my dark green days
I feel scared
Like a mouse in its hole
While a cat watches him.

On my orange days
I feel inventive
Like a puppy
Trying to figure out
How to reach the bag of treats.

On my burgundy days
I feel sick
Like a manatee
At the bottom of a polluted ocean.

On my silver days
I feel competitive
Like a cheetah
Racing furiously against an eagle.

On my brown days
I feel hurt
Like a kitten
Who was ignored by her family.

On my clear days
I feel curious
Like a newborn bird
In its nest.

On my gold days
I feel frusturated
Like a turtle
Who wants
To run fast, but can’t.

On my yellow days
I feel free
Like a falcon
Through the air.

On my dark blue days
I feel clumsy
Like an elephant
To learn ballet.

And on some days
There is a color I can’t describe
It is warm
And happy
The color of being loved
Even though I don’t deserve it
Like a baby panda
Curled up against her mother
On a cold winter’s night.


  1. fantastic and so creative! great writing, emily.

  2. Love it!
    Keep up the good work (so that you can support your parents when they're old)!

  3. I love this story, and what a wonderful re-writing of it!

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