Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Silent Owl Comes

Through whistling winds and rustling trees,
The silent owl comes.
What would you give to see as he sees?
 Spy the deep silver moon, hear the buzzing of bees--
While the whole world's asleep, lying under the leaves--
The silent owl comes.
Shush! Be quiet and you'll hear,
The rustle of wings, the cry of the night--
While the only lantern is the lovely moonlight--
And he soars as high and as free as a kite--
The silent owl comes.
But lo! the dawn is coming through,
The people awake, the day starts anew,
And no one is thinking that when the day dies--
When they're in their beds and the moon starts to rise--
That then, in the dark and the cool of the night--
The silent owl comes.

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