Monday, November 25, 2013

Create a sphere but make it flat,
At 12 pm in the dead of night.
Acquire a feline but not a cat,
Keep the peace but make them fight.

Forget the engine; drive the car
At 12 pm in the dead of night
Walk away--and very far!
‘Til you’re the closest one in sight.

Read a book that doesn’t exist
At 12 pm in the dead of night
Don’t move your hands but make a fist
Keep it dark but turn on the light.

Dance in the moonlight under the sun,
This poem will tell you what to do
Stay quite still but start to run
And then your wish shall be made true.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Practically everyone has heard of it, but not everyone has been. I, for one, just came back from my visit there yesterday, and would love to share my honest opinion on it.
      To begin with, I am from Costa Rica and consider it my home, so this post may be ever so slightly biased. I love Costa Rica--the beaches, the mountains, even San Jose--but more on that later.
      We went to Playa Hermosa, which, as it's name suggests, is a beautiful beach. There isn't trash and the water is clear. The funny thing is that instead of shells there are rocks, smooth, round, perfect rocks, but rocks nonetheless. If you want shells you should go go to Playa Conchal, where instead of sand there are shells. Really! If you don't believe me, look it up.
      We didn't really go into the mountains but we saw them, blue mountains like you see in paintings. We did go to the volcano (Volcan Irazu) and boy was it cold! Mostly because I was in shorts and a t-shirt, but I will definitely wear a sweater next time I go. The volcanos are a great place to see a variety of flora though, and I'm sure there is a lot of fauna too.
      We didn't go to the rainforest this time, but we have before and this is another place with a great variety of flora--and insects!!! It is cool but humid, so wear pants and a t-shirt, and bring a rain jacket.
      Now about San Jose. Apparently the tourists love it, but it's super crowded. There is trash everywhere too-- and it is not all kid-friendly. For example we passed three night clubs in a row once: Night Girls, V.I.P. Girls, and Sin City. It is kind of sad. But I can also see why the tourists love it. It is so different from the U.S, and even though it is packed with people and polluted it has a certain charm to it. Any way, I think I'm finished for now and I hope you enjoyed this loooong talk about C.R...
Over and out!